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The Truffles

All of our truffles are made fresh daily. We do not add preservatives, and they will last up to three weeks if kept cool (not in the refrigerator or freezer) and out of the direct sun. All of the following truffles are crafted and enrobed with our own blend of approximately 61% dark chocolate.

All truffles start out with our signature dark chocolate ganache...

Cabernet Sauvignon - Infused with full-bodied local Cabernet wine, a beautiful merging of flavors.

Zinfandel - Infused with the fruity Wine Country staple, a perennial favorite in the shop.

Port - Infused with the sweet dessert wine, the perfect after-dinner finish.

Champagne - Infused with locally, hand-crafted sparkling wine, a surprisingly seamless blend with the chocolate.

Apricot - Blended lusciously with an apricot puree, topped with locally-farmed dried apricot slice.

Fresh Orange - Fusion of rich orange puree and a splash of fresh squeezed juice, not to be missed by fruit and chocolate lovers.

Raspberry - Blended with real raspberry puree creating a wonderfully intense flavor, not overly sweet.

Amaretto - Infused with amaretto liqueur, a simple synthesis of almond and chocolate.

Kahlua-Irish Creme - Blended with top-shelf liqueurs and cremes, a holiday favorite.

Orange-Grand Marnier - Blend of rich orange puree and a splash of Grand Marnier liqueur, a lovely complement of flavors.

Cappuccino-Tiramisu - Infused with a rich blend of cappuccino and rum, an overwhleming fan-favorite.

French Mocha - Blended with locally brewed espresso, topped with a real coffee bean.

Mint Chocolate - Infused with a delicate peppermint oil, a rich swell of flavors.

Hazelnut - Blended with our rich, hazelnut puree, topped with Hazelnut crumble.

Dark Chocolate - Creamy dark chocolate ganache...nothing more, nothing less.

Boysenberry with Blackberry Honey - smooth boysenberry ganache topped with a dollop of blackberry honey.

Cinnamon with Clover Honey - an amazing combination of slightly spicy cinnamon ganache topped with clover honey.

Green Tea with Lemon Honey - interesting and delicious green tea ganache finished with a lemon honey on top.

Pomegranate with Orange Blossom Honey -- tart pomegranate ganache with a dollop of sweet orange blossom honey.

Cocoa Nib - Dark Chocolate -- our creamy dark chocolate ganache combined with cocoa nibs for an extra dark crunchiness.

Cocoa Nib - Espresso -- a full-bodied espresso truffle with rich cocoa nibs mixed in.

PB&J - our version includes a layer of peanut butter topped with our popular raspberry ganache.

The Elvis - peanut butter topped with a rich banana ganache. Worth a try!