Fruits & Nuts in Chocolate

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  • orange-peel

    Candied Orange Peel Bar

    Chocolate and orange have never been matched in a more exquisite way than these gorgeous bars of candied orange peel enveloped in dark chocolate. You don’t need a dating site to know that chocolate and orange are a perfect match. We use organic candied orange peel and our 61% dark chocolate to make these popular Wine Country Chocolates bars.

  • Rocky-Road

    Caramel Rocky Road

    A Wine Country Chocolates favorite. Creamy caramel dances around fluffy marshmallows, rich dark chocolate, and crunchy almonds. No need for a spoon with this Rocky Road! Your inner-child will jump up and down with glee at the first taste of our Caramel Rocky Road. It has been a favorite with our fans since the very beginning.

    5 out of 5
  • Chocolate Dipped Figs

    Chocolate Dipped Figs

    Incredible dried mission figs delicately dipped in dark chocolate. They’re a uniquely impressive gift for a “foodie” friend, or for yourself. Just like chocolate, figs have a long rich history, and are believed to be one of the first fruits cultivated by humans.

  • Almond Bark in White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate

    Dark Chocolate Almond Bark

    A match made in chocolate heaven! Roasted almonds covered in a thin layer of chocolate. Also available in milk and white chocolate.

  • chocolate dipped apricot slices

    Dark Chocolate Apricots

    Plump and chewy dried apricots dipped in our signature dark chocolate. A richly elegant dessert or midday indulgence, FYI, they’re wonderful with champagne! At Wine Country Chocolates we believe that getting your 5 daily servings of fruit is much more appealing when the fruit is dipped in chocolate!

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    Almond Bark in White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate

    Milk Chocolate Almond Bark

    Our popular roasted almond bark for those who prefer milk chocolate.38% cacao milk chocolate poured over mouth-watering roasted almonds.  Just as tempting as its dark bark cousin!

  • Seasame-Ginger

    Sesame Ginger Chocolate Bar

    It’s as yummy as it is intriguing. Aromatic, and slightly nutty toasted sesame seeds are a superb complement to the sweet and tangy crystallized ginger sprinkled over a bar of dark chocolate. At Wine Country Chocolates we’re always trying to raise the chocolate bar, and we think we’ve done it with our Sesame Ginger Chocolate Bar.

  • Cherry-Bark

    Sour Cherry Bark

    Tart dried cherries pair perfectly with our decadent dark chocolate.  Sour, sweet, and slightly bitter, it satisfies three out of five of your taste bud sensations!

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    Almond Bark in White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate

    White Chocolate Almond Bark

    White chocolate lovers, we didn’t forget you!  Whole roasted almonds make a great contrast to our sweet and silky white chocolate.