Milk Chocolate

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  • 72% Chocolate, 61% Chocolate and 38% Chocolate buttons

    38% Chocolate Button Bag

    Scrumptious bites of 38% cacao milk chocolate.  Oh, so creamy. Cacao is the solid pieces of the cacao or cocoa bean which is ground and incorporated with sugar, cocoa butter, and other ingredients to make chocolate.

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    Almond Bark in White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate

    Milk Chocolate Almond Bark

    Our popular roasted almond bark for those who prefer milk chocolate.38% cacao milk chocolate poured over mouth-watering roasted almonds.  Just as tempting as its dark bark cousin!

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    Milk Chocolate Grape Cluster

    Very popular with our young guests, and those who are young at heart.  We mold our 38% cacao milk chocolate into whimsical grape clusters.  Very tasty, but doesn’t count as a serving of fruit! When it comes to our pure chocolate confections, only the best chocolate will do.

  • Chocolate-Pareils

    Milk Chocolate Nonpareils

    A fun milk chocolate alternative to the more traditional dark chocolate French confections.  Often used to adorn cakes and gingerbread houses, they’re a pleasure on their own. Nonpareils are a simply irresistible classic candy that are not only beautiful to look at, but also undeniably tasty.